How to Tile Walls & Floors

Selecting the right tiles for your space involves matching them with your personal style and the room's requirements. Consider different finishes like textured, mosaic, or gloss to achieve your desired look. Durability is key for areas like kitchen splashbacks, while bathrooms and wetrooms may benefit from tiles in calmer tones. This ensures both aesthetic appeal and practicality in your chosen environment.

Quantity and overage

To accurately order tiles for your project, measure the space carefully to determine the quantity needed, factoring in your budget. Consider a 10% overage to accommodate for any errors and breakages. Remember, room features like pipes and electrical outlets may influence the required tile amount and the tools needed. For detailed guidance on measuring, refer to Eurotiles' comprehensive guide.

Should you tile a wall or floor first?

When deciding whether to tile walls or floors first in a room, it's commonly advised to start with the walls. This approach helps keep the floor tiles clean, as you'll minimize work over them once laid. A practical method is to tile the walls first, leaving the bottom row for last, then proceed with the floor, and finally, complete the bottom row of the wall tiles. However, the choice ultimately depends on personal preference, as tiling the floor first can allow wall tiles to cover the edges of floor tiles for a neat finish.

Do you need to cut tiles to fit the space?

Cutting tiles to size is crucial for a precise fit in any tiling project, due to two main factors: tiles aren't made for the specific dimensions of your room, requiring cuts for edges, and the need to navigate around room features like plug sockets and pipes. Measure accurately, considering any patterns or edges, and choose tools you're comfortable with, such as manual or electric cutters, or tile scribes and nibblers for the job.

Tool Kit

  • Ruler
  • Tape Measure
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Trowel
  • Spirit Level
  • Sealant Smoother

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